Passions of horses

A website to tell your love about horse riding !

Welcome to the site which tells you all about horse racing. It is not a site rivaling other platforms distributing or even random industrial prognosis. Our aim is above all to guide you and help you understand horse racing. So you're seeking financial advice to horse racing or you just want to have more information about it you are welcome.

The main concern of the Web is often to provide false information to Internet users. Indeed, these can mostly have been written by people who have no good intentions simply trying to get rich by selling miracles prognoses or methods that are not working. Many fall into these traps and lose lots of money.

Our primary objective is to introduce you to the world of horse racing and bring a new vision on horse paris while applying all the techniques to get you going. On our site you will discover all strategies must be adopted to increase your money. We designed our platform to address this lack of information and provide a better reflection on horse races.

Horseglory, the intersection between the public and the race

We give you the opportunity to open up to the outside world, especially the world of the race and can push you to become a homeowner.. Indeed, we see ourselves as being the crossroads which will promote the meeting between the races and the public for both professionals and beginners to communicate with many foreign partners while making known to all investors.

Here you will find all the news in the world of racing, results, commitments, palmares, infrastructure, news articles, upcoming events, the next races, and others that are regularly updated. Everyone in his place. You can register for free on the site and expand your circle of friends by developing your own profile events such or sharing your views, commenting, criticizing, etc. You can fully develop your communication to national or even international.

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