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Your precious saddle is starting to come loose but after all it's normal because it is not less than 10 years old? Even with impeccable daily maintenance, it is normal for a riding saddle to deteriorate over the years, so it may be time to buy a new saddle. It is clear that there are a lot of different saddles and for all disciplines so it can seem very complicated to find the saddle that will go perfectly with your horse and that will not hinder you in your position. To properly choose your saddle you must first think about the discipline that you are used to doing. If you are more inclined to the side of shows and aerobatics, you will preferably need a show saddle which will be flatter than a so-called classic saddle to allow you to perform your figures without being embarrassed. Conversely, if you are more oriented towards classic or English riding, it all depends on the disciplines you practice. If you have a versatile horse and you do not hesitate to alternate between jumping and dressage, you should take a mixed horse equipment, with a mixed saddle for example and a standard net. If, on the other hand, you really do show jumping but never dressage, you should opt for a saddle really typed cso or used french saddles with the fairly high quarters which come on the horse's shoulders in order to have enough stability to allow you to elevate yourself during a jump while not disturbing the horse. Finally, if you are passionate about dressage and if you never practice jumping, the ideal for you is to opt for a dressage saddle with very low quarters which will therefore encourage your lowering of legs and allow you to stay well in place on your saddle.

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