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When practice equestrian activity, acquiring a horse is obviously the next step. Yet when this acquisition, it will be important to take into account important parameters for impeccable care of the horse. It is always advisable to use professional judgment in these proceedings, but some basic tips easily help achieve this goal.

Taking care of the horse

You should know that the daily care of the horse either by simple gestures or specific treatments must bring to his well being. Of course, the equipment like cwd used saddles will also be part of this approach. Above all, it will be noted that the accommodation and food will be the cornerstones of good health of the horse. So it will be important to make available to the horse shelter at all times. Of course, the shelter in question will have to be both clean and well maintained with all the appropriate protections. It is obvious that litter the horse will have to be present and also will have to be comfortable for the night. Of course, taking a riding pension is a good alternative if adequate shelter lacking.

At the food

This is probably the food that is the most important part facing the care of the horse. At this level, the amount will be the first point to consider. So we note that a medium-sized horse eats 11 kg of food per day on average. Of course, this amount will not be ingested at once. So the horse will eat this amount several times a day. With this large quantity of food, it stands to go so that the animal will necessarily need water and abundantly. Clearly, it will give half a bale of hay per day to the equine and a ration of concentrates that will give it two or three times. The quality of these foods should also be checked carefully to avoid any risk of colic.

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