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How much costs a new saddle for a beginner ?

You have a new horse and you're looking for your budget equipment? First, think about what saddle type your horse should buy or fit. New saddles and some used ones are available in many different ways. These include saddles of dressing, saddles of jumping and saddles. The goal is to equip you and your horse according to your needs with the best possible saddle. We are therefore keen to support the customers in this.

New saddles

The bigger the budget, the more you can rely on custom-made solutions which will go to the couple perfectly! A word of warning, note that perhaps some saddles won't go to the horse a few months later. In this case, a little "retouching" the saddle or using the wedges / shock absorbers is required. New saddles range from 350 euros to 2450 euros for the best brands. However, it is easier and lighter to maintain synthetic saddles. In all cases, the styles and saddles are varied: the selection is very extensive from the most classic to that suitable for jumping obstacles.

Opt for used saddles to start

You can consider a used saddle if you're new to the world of equestrian and you don't want to spend too much money. The used saddles have the advantage that, they are flexible and ready for use without break-in and leather. Be sure to check the saddle condition, the various stress points and the leather condition in general. The average price of used saddle is 370 euros, hence easily accessible for everyone. In genuine or synthetic leather you will find on the market stool models, using suede to look like traditional saddles.

Another avenue to explore is the used english saddles for sale. There is plenty to find your happiness and the famous saddlery products are then much more accessible! Be careful, however, to check the condition of the saddle: pommel in good condition and not twisted, state padding etc.

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