Passions of horses

How to become a horse riding trainer ??

If you want to become a coach or riding instructor, you must first have a strong passion for horses as well as some teaching skills. Indeed, this profession requires great versatility and ability to manage unexpected situations as it should definitely educate students by providing security and oversee several groups.

The missions of a riding instructor

You should know that first of all, a riding instructor is a sports instructor. It conducts its business in a specialized club in an association or an equestrian center. The courses are usually held in an indoor arena but can also be carried out. These are open to all regardless of age of the person to supervise. Whether it be a child, a teenager, an adult, beginners or experienced riders, everyone can take riding lessons.

The monitor must always be vigilant. Indeed, it must perform every time checking all the safety conditions including used french saddles, frames, maintenance and equipment of the rider. It also has the role of always advancing students playfully avoiding falls and accidents.

The coach will assign a horse for every participant. It should help the latter to become familiar with his mount. He will explain how to give any instructions to the horse while using the appropriate gestures. It has also a role to teach him to saddle up and to keep his balance. Each exercise should be tailored to the student progress without having to exhaust the horse.

The career and the possibility of changing the position

If you have a BPJEPS, you can find a job without any difficulty as a riding instructor. Indeed, equestrian activities today are popular with many people. However if you are in possession of a DEJEPS, you can post as instructor preparing riders for equestrian contests for example, or by training instructors. You can also participate in the management of an equestrian center. The possibility of evolution are numerous especially in front of an equestrian tourism guide, a breeder or to guard on horseback. You even have the opportunity to become équithérapeute if you have a wheelchair certification.

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