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How to become a sadler ?

The saddle of the art must be controlled by a person able to adapt all the needs of a equitant morphological constraints of his mount. This is an ancient craft dating back several centuries ago already and that has evolved over time while adapting to modern materials like cwd used saddles.

The skills of the saddler

A saddle should be able to create, repair, build, restore leather materials, skins, buckles, wood and others. It must be a timer together and must have a high accuracy, and a large patiance artistic sensitivity. This profession is divisie several families whose saddler who will make and repair all leather, saddler and harness-maker who makes the harness for the good practice of riding in généreal the saddle to the saddle which is mainly specialized in manufacturing saddle, the saddle-leather worker who is expert in the manufacture of leather goods while the saddler upholsterer is especially adept at achieving hippomibiles interiors of vehicles or vehicles.

Qualifications to become saddle-equitant

Two degrees exist to become a saddler in the horse industry. There is first the CAP saddler and harness-maker who is a state diploma, Education. This is to then acquire the basic techniques of saddle and harness-maker with the knowledge and use of skins, leather, machinery, manufacturing practicing sewing and the couple. Patent saddler and harness maker meanwhile is a specialty of the national professional school of Stud and aims mainly at development in tack-tack techniques and saddlery, leather goods. As a student, you'll have to load your overall design of a harness or a saddle-leather article. You can choose commands materials, creating templates, or achievement.

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