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The professional rider saw his passion for horses in different ways : it can be a professional athlete, trainer and showman, riding teacher, jockey or tourism facilitator.

How to become a professional rider ?

Different institutions require the presence of professional riders.
• As a high-level athlete, he participates in Olympic competition, there are three tests: jumping, dressage and eventing.
• When jockey (gallop and trot races mounted) or driver (harness racing), its primary mission is also the competition, but at a racetrack. He is then under commercial contract and is paid by a sponsor, which financially supports the out of competition.
• In a circus horse show or a company, the rider stands his horses to perform tricks and participate in performances.
• In a tourist area, he can be host and tell a public amateur pleasures of recreational riding, or organizes walks. This work is usually seasonal.
• Finally, the professional rider can be a teacher in an equestrian center. He has an educational mission (he teaches his students to ride, but also to take care of animals, to understand their behavior ...). He is also responsible for training of animals.

To become a professional rider : necessary trainings

Whatever the profession exercised, it is essential to begin the practice of riding early: Pony First, it is important to ride as early as 12 or 13 years. During adolescence, leisure practice should become a regular and daily learning. Unfortunately, few schools offer sports-study sections oriented equestrian disciplines, but it is possible to continue studies by correspondence.To become a top athlete, jockey or driver, enter 16 years in a stable of equestrian competition.

There are four levels to the Riding assessments : Riding 1 to 4. If you dream of becoming professional rider, come work out in our club. Choose according to your level and your tastes :
- Riding 3 with Jumping allows a direct entry onto a BHS Stage 3 exam.
- Riding 3B and 4B has the same elements as Riding 3A and 4A but without jumping.

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