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Watch out when you put your saddle on the box' door !

Horseback riding is an activity that dates back for hundreds of years. Since his creation, this activity has evolved to provide what it is today. Of course, this development will crack down not only on how to ride the horse, but also the equipment. On this side, the riding was invented for equipment to better ride the horse, but this equipment has also evolved to be especially effective.

Why it will be necessary to place the saddle of his horse?

The saddle of the investment is very important. Indeed, misplacing the saddle will be more negative effect than anything else. Not to mention that the rider will not be in perfect balance on the horse and may fall, the horse will be a victim of risks. At the horse, saddle misplaced may restrict the range of earlier. Otherwise, it can also prevent the play of the ascending pectoral while blocking advanced earlier. In all cases, this will reduce consistently the performance of the horse. Also, be aware that the lats are the muscles that help the horse to move and not to wear his jumper. Of used french saddles seeking too latissimus dorsi will slow more quickly tire the horse so than anything else.

While putting the saddle

It will therefore be important to put the saddle to really be able to enjoy the benefits that it should offer. It goes without saying that the choice of the seat will be important because it will go perfectly with the morphology of the horse's back. It will be important to ensure that the seat is not too forward and too backward, too. The carpet thus will highlight just the beginning of the withers. Of course, the damper will be set back with its rounded. It will be noted that this is the back of the damper which will be in line with its carpet not before. It was after this that lay the saddle on the damper in the right balance. Of course, the shock will wear the saddle on its entire length.

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