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Jeeps Genuine Angel
2007  AQHA Color Filly 

Sired by Genuine Jeep was mentioned briefly in the mares page.  From the moment she was born, we all knew she was very special.  Given current market conditions, we decided to keep her and put her in training.  Throughout the years, you will find many horses of outstanding potential, but very few join the ranks of the truly special.  We believe that we have found that in this baby.

Geniune Jeep xxxx xxxx



Anita Freckles Doc Freckels Doc Quixote
Am Leo King Bar
Eyerish Cocoa My Eye
Anita King

Diamond Seal
2007 APHA Palomino Filly 

Sired by  Like A Diamond and Seal Olena.  She is a truly gifted and beautiful animal.  A friend of mine, who does her shoeing and training, says she has a Million Dollar brain as well as beauty and conformation.  She's a paint palomino, with a look that speaks of her heritage and her destiny.  She is at our ranch in training with Ray Berta.

Like A Diamond

Grays Starlight Peppy San Badger
Docs Starlight
Diamond Jewel Wood Diamond Jim
Castros Sister

Seal Olena

Doc O'Lean Doc Bar
Poco Lena
Candis Chex Too Bueno Chex too
Miss Easter Seal


Color Me A Diamond
2007 APHA Tovero Filly 


Color Me Smart

Smart Little Lena Doc OLena
Smart Peppy
Doxs Painted Lady Docs Solano
Bottoms Up

Diamonds Halli Chex

Lenas Diamond Chex Doc OLena
Diamond Lill
Ms Dry San Dry San
Misty Bar Twist

As you can see from our photos, we have just an outstanding crop of 09 Foals. 

WR's Star
2009 AQHA Bay Roan Filly 

From a cross between WR This Cat's Smart and our own mare, Tuff Angie Lena, we have a terrific and well bone filly.  She is clearly a Bay Roan, just like her mother and has progress beyond all expectations thus far.  Her sturdy, but athelectic build speak of future wining in all performance disciplines and especially cutting.

WR This Cat's Smart

High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory
Smart Little Kitty
The Smart Look Smart Little Lena
Dox Royal Smoke

Tuff Angie Lena

Tuff A Lena Dell O Lena
Vandys Sassy Sugar
Angie Short Smoke Claudill Red Smoke
Broadways Misty

Picture Coming

Un-Named Colt
2009 AQHA  Colt 

A cross between Wild Thing DNA and our own Instant Angel.  This foal is a colt of noteworthly athleticism is the mere couple of months he's been around. Like his Mom, he features and exception front and has that "I'm a Very Special horse demeanor instinctively!

Wild Thing DNA

Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena
Smart Peppy
Smart Peppy Peppy San
Royal Smart

Instant Angel

SR Instant Choice Doc's Hickory
Stylish Lynx
Anita Freckles Doc Freckles
Eyerish Cocoa

Picture Coming

alice foal

Un-Named Colt
2009 AQHA Colt 

 An amazing little colt Sired by Widows Freckles.  Like Alice, he's good size and like his famous daddy, he has that show look we all seek.

Widows Freckles

Freckles Playboy Jewles Leo Bars
Gay Jay
The Widow Wilson Son ofa Doc
Leosie Gay Bar

Smart Alice Boon

Peptoboosmal Peppy San Badger
Royal Blue Boon
Smart Little Sally Smart Little Lena
Boon San Sally

Un-Named Colt
2011 AQHA Colt 


Metallic Cats

High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory
Smart Little Kitt
Cher Shadow Peptoboosmal
Shesa Smarty Lena

Smart Alice Boon

Peptoboosmal Peppy San Badger
Royal Blue Boon
Smart Little Sally Smart Little Lena
Boon San Sally



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