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The saddle is very expensive for a horse, whether it is at the level of its utility or the well-being of the horse and its rider. Its choice should not be taken lightly, and online guides are helpful to help you. It is said that the restored saddles are the best for horses.

First the most important

The saddle is a riding tool that allows the rider to easily tame and control the horse, avoiding falls when moving at high speed. Depending on the main function of the chair, there are three types to consider: simple saddles, dressage and cowgirls are essential but depend on the activity you need to choose. The simplest is for walks or non-competitive use. Several factors can influence your decision when choosing the perfect saddle, always depending on what you are looking for first, so that you are satisfied. The size, the horn, the softness and the weight are among the main ones to take into account.

Used saddle

Click here to learn more about the characteristics of worn saddles. It is worn with its details of defects that will cause great concern to our horse. But it is certain that if it has survived during its years, it is because it is resistant, because its materials of manufacture were well chosen. Indeed, the leathers of the time are still pure that the years have only aged them. And then the seams are already undone that will have to be redone. There are some parts of the leather that will need to be replaced, and the seat is no longer as swollen as it should be.

From this beautiful architecture saddle for horses, the craftsmen who work on these worn saddles are very cautious. They cannot make a single mistake for the longevity of their work. A saddle is also the centerpiece of the equipment of a horse, so it is essential to put a great know-how.

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