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Many people would like to go horseback riding. But there is a problem that is holding back many of these volunteers. It is the fact of having to buy a piece of equipment in order to start doing the sport they like. Unfortunately, there are many who will eventually become discouraged. However, we have found a solution that can really give hope to all these people. What we want to talk to you about is Equitack. If you do not know it yet, we are sure that you will be more and more interested in it. If we tell you this, it's because Equitack has decided to tackle the problem of people who cannot ride because of equipment that is too expensive.

Equitack is doing something very big for us.

So, Equitack's strategy is to harvest all the saddles that people no longer use. After sorting between the saddles that are really useless and the other saddles, it is at this point that Equitack then starts repackaging saddles. We guarantee you that if you go to a shop Equitack and you see the saddles they have to offer, you will have a hard time saying that they are used saddles. But, that does not stop on the external aspect. We can assure you that if you start using a saddle you bought at Equitack, you will be even more surprised by the quality of this saddle. In addition, it is a saddle that will last you for many more years. And all for a price that is accessible to all budgets. Frankly, we would like to thank equitack for the work provided. In addition, thanks to this box, all those who have always dreamed of riding will be able to do it without problem and with the appropriate equipment. You can also come and see it with your own eyes.

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