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The best brand of French saddles !

The saddle ensures the comfort and stability of the rider and his horse during a race. The quality of the saddle used is therefore very important. Thus, one must know how to choose the right equestrian equipments if one wants to increase his performances and to succeed in a competition. On the market, there are different types of stools as there are also many manufacturers. How to recognize the good brands if you want to invest in the best quality of stool?

Recognize a good saddle

To ensure the quality of a saddle, it is necessary to check some essential elements. First, there is the type of leather used. At the touch of a button, it is possible to know if the padding is synthetic and hardly resistant or then made with real solid leather, good quality. Some defects are also visible from the outside especially for the case of used saddles and if this is not the case, one can always ask the advice of a "saddle fitter" who can evaluate the quality of the saddle . It is also imperative to test the suitability of the horse's saddle and the rider's morphology. After that, you should not be distracted by the price at all. Indeed, sometimes the price does not affect quality. Some stores sell high-priced saddles but are made of lower quality materials.

Rely on the brand

One does not have to be a saddler to be able to recognize at a glance that the saddle is of good quality or not. Other than the external appearance of the saddle, one must also observe the mark. This is the first thing that strikes our eyes when we enter a saddle shop or when we sail on shops of riding equipment online. French brands have built their reputations for years. The french used saddles are snatching on the international market of accessories for horses. The big brand accompanies high-level athletes to international competitions. This is truly the top quality horse equipment. More comfortable and resistant, the riders feel more secure by sitting on a good French saddle.

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