Passions of horses

How to build a good relationship with horses...

The relationship with animals is often preferred, it looks almost like a disease that keeps for one person. The horse is one of those animals that man likes a lot. Marchant purely on instinct, the horse, however, must be tamed to meet his master or rider.

Tame his horse

To tame a horse, there is commonly the method of natural horsemanship. It is the lightness of riding that is used by the masters and riders to create a special relationship between the person and the horse. The animal's education is prioritized in this activity that emphasizes harmony and trust. In this vision, the master intends to make a semblance of freedom to the horse, it sees more freedom without a third party intervenes. The rider has to let the horse do as he pleased during this time to relax and get to know its nature. It is through this knowledge that he can begin to create a horse-rider relationship. The advantage of natural horsemanship is that the rider can discover the art of which the animal has and in return, it may initiate a trusting approach by making clear to his standard he is the head. It is in this riding technique also begins dressage.

Dressage horse

After establishing a good relationship with the horse, it is now useful to draw on. All tips for taming horses are brought to you by But in general, the training must be done by a professional so a master. And it must always be accompanied by the rider to the horse to keep calm alongside his rider who has already tamed. The purpose of training is to instill discipline to the beast as the equestrian field that will insure. The master is thus forced to start learning how the horse will react to orders of the rider. This will be done by a lot of exercises in stages. For good learning horse, the master must master the body of the horse, the power and vulnerability of each body part of the animal.

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